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Cyber Services Plc. is based in Hungary in the capitol Budapest. We are a strategic and technical cyber security consultancy company.  Our clientele mostly covers governments, highly critical infrastructure, critical information infrastructure and multinational and integration organizations.  

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Members only

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To increase wellbeing and cyber wellness index of our clients we provide premium content for them in the Members only section of our portal. You can find transcripts of our presentations, ebooks, other downloadable contents.


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Members only

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In the public Blog section you can find information about latest attack techniques, cyber security incidents and new threats to support your company's cyber wellness index.


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In the Disputa section you can check our upcoming events. based on these information you can reach our experts personally. Yo can find information about our cyber security trainings as well.

Our Services

Cyber Security Mapping

Our assessment is based on international standards to determine the cybersecurity maturity level of an organization. Based on the result of mapping services we can design a cyber wellnesss programme of our clients. 

Security Awareness

We develop and implement cyber security trainings, awareness programmes and cyber drills through our specially developed gamification framework. We support the practice of technical challenges with simulations developed in our training and exercise cyber range. you can find tailored cyber wellness packages.

Incident Response

We support cyber security incident investigation with log analysis, computer and network forensics, malware analysis and applied intelligence services package to mitigate threats of cyber crime. We provide cyber security trainings.

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