Cyber Security trainings and consulting

Cyber security trainings

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From small businesses to large enterpises we provide large scale of security awareness and tailored training programs around the globe. Cooperating with our partners and using our special educational platform you will able to increase level of cyber resilience of your company.

Cyber drills

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Using our gamification platform we provide you cyber drills and cyber security excersises. Cyber Services can develop and conduct both of process validation and transition type challanges on technical, administrative and decision making levels.

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Cyber security mapping

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Based on NIST cyber security framework Cyber Services provide you a cyber security capability measurement and mapping service. Our experts are developing localised assessment tools to mapping your capabilities by international standards and your national legistlations.

Consulting, ethical hacking, Applied Intelligence

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You can use our expertise. Cyber Services provide you a consultancy service in field of cyber security issues. Our experts will contact you and we can clarify and brek down daily security challanges and define optimal solutions.

Decision making support

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Cyber Services leading experts have 27 years long history of C level decision making support in field of information security.  We provide you situational awareness about cyber world to make best decision about your company's issues.

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Strategy development

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Are you facing strategy development questions in cyber security? Cyber Services provide you a holistic 360 degrees solution to develop new cybersecurity strategy of your company.

Applied Intelligence Services

Ethical Hacking

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Eliminating well known vulnerabilities and finding less known vulnerabilities the best solution is our ethical hacking service. If you want to know security gaps, insider threat potentials and administrator"s mistakes just use our white hat hackers to assess your systems and applications.

Network and computer forensics

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Companies losses are still increasing year by year by cyber attacks. After a cyber related incident you have to understand the attacks vectors and attribute the attackers and methods of cyber attack. Our experts investigate your system and give you a clear picture of situation helping mitigate the impacts of a cyber attack.

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Log analysis

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Authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) is a system for tracking user activities on an IP-based network and controlling their access to network resources. Usually the bigest problem in this process is the accounting. companies have not well designed log collecting and analysis subsystems and there are no information about security related events. We will assist you fine tuning your log collecting and we can provide you log analysis service.

Malware analysis

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In case of a malicious activity the most common actors are the malwares. These malicious softwares are able to hide themselves approximately for a year without any sign of infections. With the malware analysis our experts are able to understand the behaviour of malwares and threat actors to help eliminate the risk.

Red Team

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If your company is a financial company or you just want to assess your real cyber defence capabilities you definitely need a Red Team service. Our Red Team will attack your system with predefined methods to assess your staff and security subsystems abilities.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Collecting and analysing behaviour of threat actors our security big data analysts are able to provide cyber threat intelligence information on tactical, operational and strategic levels.

You can use our alerting, buletins and reports to prepare yourself for malitiousd cyber activities. Using our Malware Information Sharing Platform you will able to collaborate with our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team.